From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

A shot in the Dark

A person of great importance will die. Possibly in a humiliating way, I see paper bags and small dark jars labeled “Locker Room”. (If you know what that is: you are old). A woman will give birth to a boy who will become someone important in the world, either in politics or medicine or economics or perhaps volleyball. Be kind to teenagers, one never knows who will someday be your employer in these difficult economic times.

Madame predicts a natural disaster somewhere in the world, probably the 2nd or 3rd worlds, or perhaps a 4th we have not  yet discovered. I see plant vegetation growing where once there had been none, possibly in Darfur or Fresno, California.  There will be people whose hearts will be broken, and those whose will be mended. This is a year of many new beginnings and a few old beginnings as well. For instance, the President is still a man, and we still do not have a Congressperson whose name begins with the honorific “Chief”.  I see that when these events come to pass there will be great change in the world, and white men may wind up living on reservations, while white woman may have to cook more.

Madame has a headache now from these predictions, more will come later, but for now I will leave you with three letters of great future importance, “A” “B” and “Q”. Or if you’re playing scrabble – K.

Now I must go  meet Madame Rotini, my arch nemesis, for a Tarot -off. Drinks are on the winner. Madame out.

Word of the Day Preternatural. As in: Madame has a preternatural feeling that Rotini is going to try to cheat.