From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

Be Warned

Today will feel much like yesterday only a day later in the week. Madame is thinking of the letters “M” “B” “L” and the sound “Ch” as in challah not chicken. If these have any signficance to you then avoid them. Also I see water falling, the water will go from one container and fall downward into another or perhaps into your mouth or onto the ground. You might be drinking water, or have drunk water, or will be drinking water, or perhaps you will be bathing or swimming or walking by a fountain outside of work, or in your yard, or the hose is leaking. Just remember Madame is warning you that water will be involved today. .

Drink carefully and don’t fall in the pool if you have one.  If you are married there may be some irritation involved over dinner, either the dinner itself or the cleaning up of said dinner, but there will be some food eaten at an hour one usually eats, or perhaps later or earlier for unknown reasons. Beware of sports, particularly basketball on TNT, it’s on all night. Madame predicts it will pre-empt Law and Order. Madame out.

Word of the day: Lucidity. As in: When Madame drinks too many tequila sunrises she often loses lucidity.