From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

Time Out of Mind

Today will be a day of apprehension and reflection. Especially for those who work around mirrors. One will ask oneselves the questions that have been asked since time out of mind – Is there a God, what does He want from us, why am I not Paris Hilton, or at least living at the paris Hilton?  Even a Holiday Inn Suites would suffice at this point.

No,questions like these will only intensify the insidious gelatinous malaise you are already wading through.  No good can come from pondering the depths of the meaning of life today.  The Great Leviathan is yet still in His bed at the bottom of the ocean, do not call Him out of his sea bed womb where He’s lived since time out of mind. Time out of mind;  memories that flit as quick as a blink of your eyelashes, and then are gone, leaving only a salty, sketchy residue of remembrance.  Could it be the ephemeral scratching of  a former life you almost remembered, one your soul almost accidentally spilled while drinking too much mead? Could it have been  the corpulent incipience of a future wrested from your past. (did you get that one?)

And do not try to wipe off this salty, burning  memory, or dry off the goo of malaise that has settled upon you, by way of circular reasoning. (It’s true because they said it was true. Gawd exists because they say he does, or doesn’t, or not).   Circular reasoning will not quell your longing for meaning, so don’t even bother reading self-help books tonight. Instead, break your diet, eat something for crying out loud, you’ll exercise extra tomorrow, (yeah, right). In the mean time quit whining and enjoy the wine, the strawberries, the good sex you may once again have some day.  Tomorrow will look brighter,if you leave your sunglasses at home. And stars and stones take a bath and leave your demons in the living room to  play Pictionary.  Madame out.

Word of the day: Morbid. As in: Though  tempting to indulge in when one has eaten too much, morbid thinking will only turn you into an annoying house guest.