From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

Directionless, and Loving it

Today is a day of starting over. You will renew your new year’s resolutions in strange and specious ways that you could not imagine. You will suddenly feel the desire to exercise, quit eating red meat, or watching every Matthew McConaughey movie that comes out. You will realize that life is not a map, and there are no directions, yet for some reason, this will not scare the bejeezus out of you like it usually does. Nor will it make you feel like a nihilistic fool. It will be a freeing, running in the wind feeling. Whether you will succeed or not is anybody’s guess, some of you will succeed others won’t. Or not. Does it matter?  What matters is that for one moment, hour, day you felt hope, one that does not bring on heartburn or the fear of nuclear devestation. For once a sunrise will be a good thing, and a sunset a new beginning instead of an ending. If none of this makes sense, don’t worry about it, what are you psychic?  Just trust Madame and know that there is hope and trust and honor in the world, even if babies do steal  notepads from Target. Enjoy the moment, tomorrow, an hour or even ten minutes from now, could be a whole new ball game. Speaking of which, I  hear the men are excited because the Vikings may have a new quarterback, and for some reason believe they will  be given treats.  Yay – for some reason.

Today’s word: Ephemeral. As in: Life is ephemeral, akin to five more minutes or one more scoop of ice cream, it all goes away no matter how long it lasts. And this, my friend is an ephemerally good thing.