From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

Five Minutes to Spare

Although, today again represents the end of something, or the beginning of another, no matter how you perceive it,  it will go by in the blink of an eye. In the same manner as children begging to stay up for five more minutes to see their favorite television show, so it is with life, we revel in this day, but it will go by like five minutes to a child watching a favorite TV program. Even as stories abound about doctors, medicine, technology, luck “saving” someone’s life, it all comes down to the fact that the person has been given an extra five minutes to watch their favorite TV show.

Every year the news will report that during the disaster du jour, someone’s life has been saved. Saved their life? For what?  For dessert? For a rainy day? Is saved the right word, or is prolonged the inevitable more appropriate term? If this appears to be depressing, take heart, you may have ten more minutes to watch your favorite TV program. Some of you only have three, but Madame is speaking in general terms now.  If you want a personal reading it’ll cost you.

The point is, we shouldn’t dwell on this being Friday, or dread Sunday evening; the beginning of the work week or perhaps the end of a miserable weekend. We shouldn’t put too much stock in what day of the week it is, or what activity is coming up. Whatever day it is, or event will be taking place will pass in five cosmic minutes and the worm will turn and it will be Friday again. Enjoy what you did yesterday.

If it is your birthday today, then present will have a different meaning and you can be more excited. Try and make the best of what you have going on at the time. When we receive presents, it can be sad, (such as the hideous rooster shaped knick knack your sister-in-law just gave you.), but in general it is a positive thing, (such as the check  your senile Grandpa just gave you, accidentically adding one too many zero’s).

Remember, the world is made up of mostly empty space.  Atoms, the building block of all matter, whether solid or liquid, is the great pretender. Atoms fool us into thinking they are solid, and we are solid matter, or that we matter solidly, when in reality they are moving so quickly they only give the illusion that they/we are solid. So between the ephemeral business of Time, the five minutes of eternity and the deception of atoms, everything we see, do, are, is only an illusion. Or an allusion if one is clever enough. Never stray far from these truths and you will be happier, especially when your boss calls you into his office for a “talking to”.  But do not cry over non-corporeal spilled milk, just wipe it up with a non-corporeal paper towel.

You are made of the stuff of stars!  Rejoice.  And our lives are over too quickly in this realm to worry about it. So remember all this Sunday night as you get ready for another work week, or tonight as you are on your third pomegranate margarita,( yes, they have those, and enjoy and keep this to yourself.).   So when the emptiness of life crawls over you, remember the entire universe is  empty space, (mostly) and empty is the same as nothing, and nothing is neither “here” or “there”, which kind of gives me the shivers. So life is great! Just jump in the jacuzzi with a  cold refreshment and enjoy, for five more minutes.

To Pomegranate Margaritas!  Madame out.

Word of the day: Anarchy. As in: The thing that would happen if we all  realized at the same time how insubstantial we are and tried to walk through walls.

Ah chocolate and alcohol! If anything is solid matter, they are.