From the Desk of Madame Zuchini


In ancient Egypt the Pharoahs built themselves elaborate tombs with which to commemorate their passing and welcome them into the next world. The problem was tomb robbers, those who would sneak into the tomb chambers and sack it of all its gold and other treasures, (how were they to know that thousands of years later, albino type people with eyes like the sky would come for their bones?).

To ensure against these tomb robbers, the Pharoahs would often build elaborate ruses, shafts and catacombs that lead to fake chambers. The robbers would follow these ruses until they came upon what they thought would be the chamber with the actual tomb and its treasures, alas, only to find a chamber empty and unfinished. It is often so in life.

What if we are all nothing more than elaborate ruses ourselves, who run through the catacombs and labyrinths of our life only to come to the end of a long hallway to a chamber empty and unfinished? What if this life is all there is? And we, who can send men to the moon but not cure itchiness, have run amuck merely thinking we are raiding the tomb of its treasures. In reality we are charlatans grasping at the facade of a life. Do we despair of this finality of blossoming? Do we become good conspicuous consumptors and gather while ye may? Or is there perhaps a second or even a third and fourth choice to make when we have run into the pyramid wall alone and empty  handed?

Take heart young ones, for what does one do with an empty room? One fills it, decorates it, makes it to one’s liking. If we are an empty unfinished room, then opportunities abound!  If we are an elaborate ruse, then embrace the ruse, let the ruse be your muse, let the ruse be amused by your muse, take the elaborate ruse and twist it to your liking; use it to celebrate the infinite possiblities that await you in life. We are all ancient Egypt.  We are all empty unfinished elaborate ruses. Use the ruse, fill the empty chamber with flowers and fragrance, perfume your world with your own special scent and you will never fail!

Love to all, now I need a mellow wine and a good book.  Madame out.