From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

Gaud Fearing Folks

Why are some people intolerant of different beliefs? Why are some people unable to say “Live and let live”? Because to tolerate opposing view points is to invite doubt. It is to say, perhaps what the others believe is right or could be right and I might be the one whose beliefs are wrong. Intolerance is the result of fear based faith. Fear of hell, of the wrath of an angry god, whose punishment is meted out to us for the mere appearance of doubt in him. Tolerance does not mean that we are asking the other person to doubt their faith or to suggest that they may have chosen incorrectly. Rather  it is the request to question, and to invite reciprocal understanding. And understanding is anathema to the fear based faith.  Tolerance might provoke the angry Gaud into punishing them; revoking his unconditional love and smiting them as he once smote Job. Is believing in Gaud through fear of hell, the same as believing in him because he Is; he exists and is therefore worthy of worship?

Intolerant people are afraid of change, (this is why they fear to die, the quintessance of being the “new kid”). Afraid that if they read a  controversial book, it will question the very tenets that give them such moral certitude; their narcissistic certainty that Gaud is on their side of the football game.  Ignorance is unstained faith. Much like the Muslims who threatened to kill and send to hell for all time, Salman Rushdie. Their faith apparently couldn’t stand up to scrutiny. The Catholic church in medieval times could not sanction the new science of the cosmos, so they threatened and indeed did burn to death dissenters of the written word of, ostensibly, one very angry Gaud. Perhaps one with a thorn in his paw.

The Puritans, decided that education outside of their faith was tantamount to casting doubt upon their entire world; to understand without judgment a portent of evil things to come. For there must be no understanding of other ideas without a judgment or repurcussions. The stocks in the town square, perhaps a tunnel of people through whom you run while they swat at you with wet towels, (that’s what we did at the carnival).

Madame resents this ridiculous and ignorant faith. True faith can stand up to anything the world can throw at it. Education is not a Witch to be burned at the stake. To Madame, the Universe is a  wondrous amazing  place, space; with room for rent and dancing. Madame’s Gaud is expansive and tolerant and invented M-theory. He does not cease to exist if someone reads a book disclaiming his existence.  To question is not to deny, but intolerance is. Intolerance denies the love of  Gaud, the wonder of Gaud, and most of all, the freedom of Gaud. Intolerant  people cannot accept this because they are afraid of their own god, and the conditions he sets as his criteria for being loved and not cast you into hell. Feel sorry for these unevolved fear based persons and let them cry Witch .

Save your breath to blow your porridge. Or your hot toddy.  Apologies for the pedantry. Bad oysters. Good rum. Madame out.