From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

Boundaries, or Are There?

Madame is concerned that  her last two posts would incline the reader to believe that Madame is anti-Gawd. This could not be farther from the truth. Madame is pro-Gawd. Madame is anti-blind faith, anti-anti-reason.  Madame believes Gawd is a very smart cookie, perhaps without pity, perhaps a sociopath,  but with an imagination to make our wildest dreams wither like the flesh of an old woman, present company excepted!  Madame finds this Universe within whose arms we are entrusted to be the most fascinating and wondrous of all subjects, a magnificent piece of art, created by a Creator with infinite possibilities. Imagine the color red. Common place enough  now, sure, but who could have thought that up? Colors, jelly fish, puppy breath, not to mention the word  colostrum, another common place but not insignificant creation. Where does He get these ideas?  But I digress.

Magellan was persecuted by the church for believing the earth was round, (well, not round exactly, slightly eliptical would be more accurate) for seeing a horizon and knowing what it meant!  But what Bible verse was there to support the churches anger? None. The church felt threatened and unsafe by the unknown, the different; the  free thinking. There is no such biblical canon to support a flat earth. Likewise, Galileo and Copernicus before him, found that the earth rotated around the sun, not the other way around, and for this they incurred the churches’s wrath and would’ve been burnt like a forgotten pop tart had they not recanted. The Bible verse to support the churches adamancy?  None!  The church was afraid, not of heresy or Gawd, but of disorder; the unraveling of the blessed Order they had come to know and love. What could be more frightening than the use of free thinking, to those who find education anathema?

The strict strictures of the church are meant to keep us safe and give us direction, any deviation from this safety causes widespread panic amongst the immature and narrow minded among us, (Madame herself was one such person, and it is no shame to be such a one, as long as you are prepared to wear a scarlet D on your bodice.), for we are born with the need for borders. Think only of how the hospital wraps babies up like gyro’s to make them feel safe!

Without borders we are nowhere, the word WHERE ceases to have all meaning. We know where we are and where we are to go based on borders/boundaries – turn left on Nevada and then right on Main – these directions tell us where we are and how we got there, and in some cases, how to get back. But the truth of the matter is these borders are man made not Gawd made.  Directions are what give our lives, well, direction.

Without street names, cities, states, countries, planets, universes, galaxies WHERE would we call home? There would be no home, no place to go or be. Are there little green men or women, or blue children on one of the little planets named by one of our scientists? ( Perhaps P51.900-4.).  The  medieval church said no.  But is there a bible verse to support this? NO!  Once again, the church purports to know things their Gawd has not even pretended to tell them. The old church is full of convenient mysteries and “only Gawd knows” platitudes. The church will tell you this because it is the Maginot Line beyond which no one questions the Pope. Or thinks too hard.   The medieval church would make of Gawd a small minded dullard; an anatomically correct Ken doll with no evil temptress Barbie to dissuade him from perfection; incapable of naming an arachnid much less creating red or understanding quantum theory, which of course Gawd invented.

No, Madame believes Gawd and the universe are a magnifcent work of art, a Mystery of the highest caliber, one that our scientists are only now beginning to open like a can of peaches, slowly so as not to spray the juice. Oh dear readers open up your minds to a world without boundaries; emotional boundaries, intellectual boundaries, etiquette, social mores, and other non existant, man made boundaries that hold us together like an egg in a meatloaf. Throw away the egg and fall apart, be eggless and let the madness that descends like the sword of Damocles free you. Will you be a safe churchman, or a free madman? I wonder. Do you?

Madame is meeting her nemesis Madame Rotini at a bar for a seance-off. Drinks are on the house. Madame out.