From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

Mother Nature Always Wins

Ostensibly, everyone has heard of black holes. In space. Not the hazy conviction that the term “pregnant pause” is merely the abscence of  conversational light.  A black hole is a giant entity so black that it cannot be seen, only the effects of it’s powerful gravitational pull can be detected. It pulls in all light, sucks it right in and absorbs it into it’s own self, the light that once illuminated the heavens pulled into an anomoly so intense and phantasmagorical that scientists aren’t sure how they work; can’t even see them. They are like the wind, you can only see the the scattered leaves, the messy hair; the work of the wind. One cannot view the wind itself.

The wind can be a light breeze that elicits sighs of relief or it can be a thief in the night stealing away the roof from your home, knocking down levees. Mother Nature cannot be contained, nor trained, nor ingrained, nor estranged, for she is a fearsome Vulcan without emotion, merely power. When we think of Mother Nature we think of hurricanes, earthquakes, tidal waves, but black holes, stars going supernova, suns dying to a red dwarf, these are all aspects of Mother Naure as well. As well as:  hormones, selfishness, greediness, colds, fever,  pettiness,and  the odd instances where we have the hubris to hope. They are all the products of Mother Nature who set up our parameters and then left us to fend on our own. People die of the flu for crying out loud, never screw with Mother Nature. Of course if you take away the word Mother you have Nature, and is it natural for us to be mean, petty, greedy, to scatter everything in our wake.  There are people who, are regular black holes, careening into the light of the party, the office, the pure sunlight of happiness and suck up this light and yank it in to their fearsome and powerful gravitational pull, until the light is no more.

I’m not talking about serial killers or bad people, I’m talking about the inherent innocence of Mother Nature (for can a cold be evil?) and it’s affect on people who are filled with what Mother Nature also gave us, pettiness, selfishness envy or worse yet – Moral Certitude.  Yes, my readers Moral Certitude is the worst of mother nature. It makes us so certain that we are right that we cannot bend with the strongest wind, we cannot allow our light to be absorbed into a black hole (and this could be a good thing, one never knows).  Moral certitude burns people at the stake, sets up concentration camps, marches on countries that don’t belong to them, and smaller more insidious things like gossip or conceit or just being a pompous ass in general.

Have respectful fear of the forces of nature, have respect for the effects and affects that  nature has on man and mankind. Do not be concerned with lies, but strive for the innocence in nature and not the disaster that nature can wreak upon us. Remain intolerant to intolerance. For we are what we abhor.  Ah, the scent of Madame’s Cabernet is calling to her, along with a very annoying spirit named  Brian, who I really wish would go away.  Madame out.