From the Desk of Madame Zuchini

Passed by the Present

They say there is no time like the present, but does such a thing as the “present” exist? That sentence I just wrote is now in the past, so is the one I just wrote now, now that one is the past, now that….get it? Need I go on? (Past) So if there is no present, what is left? The past (everything we’ve ever said or done) and the future (the next line I will write)   are the transient entities whose sole purpose in existence is to screw with us. So how can we live for the present, be in the moment, when the moment exists for only a second, per se. Sometimes it feels like several hours, but rest assured it is only a second. So if all of our strivings and sentences are mere fodder for the past, is there a cosmic “present”, or is it as ephemeral as the day to day present we currently experience? Perhaps, in a universal way, our whole lives are the “present” and only death is the future, a place where we imagine things will be better, (the future, not death. Although, some do believe death heralds better times). Madame is not so sure.
So do we enjoy the “present” knowing as soon as it’s said or done it’s the past, and there’s no point in dwelling on the past? (Especially my first paragraph?)  Or do we live for the future and not allow the present, with it’s infinite momentary compulsions to humiliate and temper us and sometimes bring  joy to distract us, keep us  from looking forward to happier times? (Perhaps my next sentence?)
 Madame enjoys a good class of wine, for instance, but is there any point to looking forward to my nightly ritual of sipping wine to the classics, if it is going to be nothing more than a mercurial specter gone in 60 seconds? NO, I say, look to the past, for there is no present, (perhaps presents on your birthday or Hanukkah, but no “present’ in Time, per se.).  Enjoy the past, for that is all we know for a fact exists. Who knows what the future ( which is now the past) has in store for us? We can’t know, and therefore can’t anticipate with any certainty that it will be enjoyable. So live in the past, dear readers, dwell on the past, ruminate and marinate it over and over in your mind and bring it up all the time. Remember this, Remember that? should be words you say on a daily basis. Remember when I started this paragraph? What a time that was! I wasn’t injured or attacked the whole time I wrote the sentence. Isn’t that all we can ask for? So Madame does not look forward to tonight’s glass of Chardonay, but rather remembers with tantalized delight last night’s mangotini.
Live in the past, talk about your past, for as soon as the moment is done it IS the past, and the future is nebulous to say nothing of erratic at best. Memories are all we really have to treasure. That is why if your house burned down, you would save the photographs and other sentimental memories, and probably a coat or something.

Now join me for  just a moment to enjoy a lovely ruby red zinfandel. Madame out.